Kids Are Annoying

A teacher telling you that kids are annoying….What?!

Yes, it’s true…even I can sometimes be annoyed by the behaviors of children.  I would argue that this is true of anyone that has their own kids or works with children on a daily basis.  Although behavior can be irritating, any good teacher knows that behind any disruptive, annoying, crazy behavior is something that the child needs.

This post was inspired by a blog that I found weeks ago, but I didn’t have enough internet access to write a post so I’m glad I found it again. (

Although the post is based on toddlers, my preschoolers do these things all the time, too. Some of these things are based on scientific studies, while others are all about changing your perspective.  There was one specific point that the author made that really stuck out to me.

I think that most parents and teachers can agree that temper tantrums are some of the most trying times when dealing with children. Often times, the reason the child is upset is totally lost to us as adults and they can seem to go on forever.  As the author of this blog noted, tantrums are only a young child’s way of expressing their emotions.  We have figured out how to control our emotions as adults and we find better ways to express how we’re feeling, as it isn’t really appropriate for us to lose our stuff in the store because they don’t have our size in the perfect pair of shoes (I can’t be the only one who has felt that way at some point!).  Especially for boys, it’s so important to let them know that it’s perfectly okay to express when you’re upset.  Boys are conditioned from a very early age that emotions are feminine, that it isn’t okay to cry, and that if you’re upset you keep it to yourself.  I’ve witnessed the emotional turmoil inside a little boy who was made fun of for showing emotion and it was really heartbreaking.

But how in the WORLD do you outlast a kid who’s throwing a fit about not wanting to wash his hands or who doesn’t want to put on his shoes? Giving kids time is a theme that I come back to again and again when making decisions in my classroom.  We expect kids to be able to just turn it off and move on to the next part of the day, but it just doesn’t happen that way.  Children need time, and a lot of it, to process things and especially to process their emotions.  If a child just can’t be reasoned with, it’s best to send them to a quiet place to get themselves under control.  When they enter the emotional part of their brain, reason goes out the window until they can return to a more balanced state of mind.  I have children who can get to that place on their own and I have others who need a teacher and a hug to be ready to get back to the bustle of the classroom.

So, can kids be annoying? Yes! The important part is to remember that those irritating behaviors are often an important part of development.  Just like with anything else, kids usually just need patience, understanding, and the right frame of mind to thrive.

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